DAFAGRO MAGNUM III muck spreader has unique quality, construction and reliability.

Construction of MAGNUM III spreader:           

  • longest girders – longitudinal stiffeners – made of 200 x 100 x 6 mm profile
  • removable adapter (easy operation of machine for transport of other products)
  • entire construction made of 6mm metal sheet
  • reliable mechanics and hydraulics
  • non-slip ladder for controlling the interior
  • robust and durable conveyor chains (mining chains)
  • vertical enhancements made of 8mm bended metal sheet
  • large wheels for every model
  • clamping mechanism for hydraulic and pneumatic wires
  • hydraulic wires hidden inside profiles that are protected against damage
  • stability during operation and driving
  • – full lighting in the standard option

Benefits of work with MAGNUM III spreader:

  • uniform spreading of material in the field
  • spreading of muck with the width of 12 to 15 meters
  • possible spreading of lime and fertilizers with the width of 6-7 meters
rzut 3D
rzut 3D 2
Standard equipment:

Adapter with vertical rollers:

  • removable spreading adapter with rollers made of 8mm metal sheet
  • screws and an overrunning clutch protect adapter’s rollers
  • 16mm thick knives made of wear-resistant HARDOX steel (it is possible for knives to rotate)
  • star-shaped plates in the lower part of rollers that are helpful when processing tiny material
roz 4
Load bed

  • low load threshold
  • innovative construction – sloping sides make it easy for material to slide
  • wide load bed with the width of1,5m
  • easy enlargement option with wooden and metal upper sections
  • hydraulic doors that can be opened
Transmissions and drive

  • solid German transmissions by ROGELBERG GETRIEBE GmbH
  • reliability,
  • three-way protection against overloading
  • overrunning clutch protecting main transmission
  • hydraulic engine propelling the chains of conveyor with feed regulator
  • easy option of changing the direction of discharge belt

  • 4 rows of robust, wear-resistant chains
  • links with the width of 14mm
  • easy tension setting of chains with tensioners
  • easily lubricated branded bearings by SNR
  • scraper bars can be easily replaced
lan 1


  • large wheels in the standard option
  • easy towing on soft ground
  • protection of soil structure
  • easy maneuvering in the field
  • broad selection of wheels from branded suppliers
Jaw, drawbar and axels

  • solid rotating jaw with a safety certificate
  • optional fixing of drawbar on longitudinal springs
  • reinforced axels with the diameter of 100x100mm to 130x130mm
  • pneumatic breaks in the standard option
  • hydraulic jack in the standard option
roz 5
Guard screen on the front floor

  • protection against hitting the tractor cab
  • it is possible to inspect the interiors of box and load
nads 5
Upper sections for transport of maize, hay, etc.
Independent hydraulic system
Regulation and control via a remote control from tractor cab