Our company offers also T-REX ST feeder mixers. What makes them unique is their construction and unlimited configuration possibilities. In the standard equipment, there is a container on the walls for 2 modern counter-knives for grinding fodder and discharge door. All functions are controlled via an easy-to-use panel. We offer a possibility to select a type of construction and sizes so that the process of cutting and mixing fodder is performed in the best way.

Due to the fact that all of our products are of the highest quality, we provide our machinery with a 3-year service guarantee.

Work bin – benefits:

  • large capacity of a bin
  • wide discharge door controlled by a control panel
  • it is possible to start co-operation with a conveyor belt or a special conveyor
  • 2 counter-knives in all models controlled hydraulically
  • modern and robust Italian transmissions
  • powerful and solid electric engines from 15 to 52kW
  • protection against overloading with the use of a clutch
  • easy platform for feeder mixers in the standard option due to easy operation
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       The containers of feeder mixer are made of thick metal sheet that is resistant to corrosion or wear. Rolling is performed on a CNC machine which allows for high precision work so smooth surfaces are created. It guarantees smooth flow of all fodder elements in the container so friction is reduced and as well as energy consumption. The bottom of container is made of metal sheet that is 20mm wide, which prevents any kind deformation. Appropriate two-side welding of elements improves the durability and solidity of the entire construction. We can reinforce the container and make it of acid-resistant metal sheet.

       For proper production of TMR, a large propelled vertical screw is responsible with reinforced construction that is equipped with 8, 10, 12 or 14 knives that are wear-resistant. Those knives are made of chromo-vanadium steel guaranteeing effective cutting and mixing while consuming low energy. Every model of feeder mixer has a different bin size and a special, properly adjusted screw. It guarantees optimal cutting, effectiveness and mixing in all of our machines.


     Solid and durable transmission by an Italian company Comer Industries ensure failure-free work and proper transmission of power. In our feeder mixers, we use industrial transmissions with high torque that require low drive power. Those gear boxes have long life time and have a high effectiveness ratio.