T-REX twin-screw feeder mixer

T-REX twin-screw feeder mixer was awarded a gold medal during the Ferma Bydła trade show in 2014. Similarly to single-screw feeder mixers, what makes it unique is a low load threshold, solid construction and unlimited configuration capabilities. As far as DAFAGRO T-REX twin-screw feeder mixers are concerned, our users can choose wagons with the capacity between 12 and 30 cubic meters. In the standard equipment, the container has two large, modern counter-knives supporting the process of fodder grinding as well as side discharge door (either on the left or on the right) controlled directly from the tractor. The sizes, construction and installation mode of counter-knives make it possible to control the flow of fodder during mixing and guarantee good co-operation with the knives on the screw. Cutting is simple, regular and work is significantly improved. Due to the fact that our products are of the highest quality, all machines are under a 5-year guarantee.

Work bin – benefits:

  • low threshold of load
  • large capacity of the bin
  • wide discharge door controlled from the tractor
  • two counter-knives in every single model
  • robust and durable Italian transmissions
  • T-REX feeder mixer series has 2-gear transmission in the standard option
  • protection against overloading on the shaft
  • robust, high quality rollers
  • antidischarge pipe in the standard option
  • double-sided platform for feeder mixers in the standard option, which guarantees operational easiness

     The containers of the feeder mixer are made of thick metal sheet that is resistant to corrosion and wear. Rolling is performed on a CNC machine, which guarantees high precision so smooth surfaces are obtained. It guarantees stable flow of all fodder elements in the container, which reduces friction and decreases fuel consumption. The bottom of the container is made of a 20mm metal sheet, which prevents deformations. Appropriate double-sided welding of elements increases the durability and solidity of entire construction. Additionally, twin-screw feeder mixers are reinforced by triangular elements inside a bin which causes robustness of the container. These elements also guarantee better flow of fodder between the screws: from the back to the front.

rzut 3D

     For proper preparation of TMR, a vertical reinforced screw is responsible which is equipped with 2 x 8, 10, 12 or 14 wear-resistant fixed knives propelled by PTO (1000 RPM) made of chrome vanadium steel, which guarantees effective cutting and mixing with low power demand. Every feeder mixer has a space for a bin and properly selected screw. All this guarantees optimal cutting, efficiency and mixing in all of our machines.

Screw – benefits:

  • reinforced screws that are resistant to heavy-duty work
  • a large number of knives on one screw allowing for fast cutting of fodder
  • modern construction of the screw decreases fuel consumption
  • position of the knives may be regulated on the screw
ślim 1

     Solid and durable two-gear and bevel transmissions of Italian company Comer Industries guarantee failure-free work and proper power transmission. In our feeder mixers, we use industrial transmissions with high torque that require low drive power. Those transmissions have a high efficiency ratio, which allows for co-operation of machines with older tractors. In addition to this, work on the first gear guarantees excellent cutting with lower fuel consumption, but on the second, mixing and cleaning of the screw becomes more intensive once cattle feeding has stopped.

     This machine in the standard version stands out due to good equipment whose most important elements are scales by an Italian manufacturer Digi Device, Five UF3 type, which is operated on the feeder mixer. This equipment being in the standard option of all T-REX feeder mixers is capable of weighing with the accuracy of up to 1% and makes it possible to program 15 different recipes, and each of these has 15 components. It is possible to fix the scales display either on the left side or on the right side. Content on the display can be clearly seen during rainfall, at dusk or in the blazing sun.


     Standard features are supplemented by a pipe around the container which prevents fodder from spilling, as well as a mechanically regulated support and the PTO shaft. Comfortable stairs on two sides help the user move to the left or to the right without the necessity to circumvent either a tractor or a feeder mixer. T-REX is fixed on one solid axle by Italy’s ATW with a diameter of 90 mm with reinforced wheels with 385/55 or 435/50 R19.5 wheels. Every feeder mixer is equipped with a rotating hook with a safety certificate.

     In the standard options, there are discharge doors, a transporter with rubber belt in the front or in the back of a wagon which feeds fodder both ways and is propelled by a hydraulic engine by Sauer-Danfoss. Electric steering is possible because of an electric divider by Bondioli&Pavesi as well as via a remote control which provides the breeder with quick and safe steering and mixing. All transporters are equipped with adjustable, easy-to-lubricate external bearings by France’s SNR. It is also possible for us to make the screw with a stainless steel reinforced edge as well as wheels with elevated carrying capacity or twinned wheels.

Dane techniczne

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